KDP…Building a World-Class Pennsylvania Workforce

The KDP Training Model

A labor/management Joint venture incorporating the following goals:
    Identify the skill needs of the workforce.
    Develop effective training courses to meet
      those needs.

    Design the program to allow for future

Discovering skill needs: Proven data-driven approach insures accuracy
This process has four steps: 1) Organizational Analysis, 2) Job Task Analysis, 3) Skill Survey and
4) Skill Gap Analysis.

Organizational analysis
This measures the work organization’s current
state of practice in workforce development.
Business requirements that signal a need for
training are identified, current training practices
are defined and potential return on investment is confirmed.

Job task analysis
KDP professional analysts identify specific responsibilities and tasks performed on a
particular job. This information is gathered from Subject Matter Experts (SME) in each major job assignment. The same data is compiled into job
task lists that are then reviewed by the partners.

Skill survey
Once the task lists are reviewed and approved, a survey is developed from the task lists and administered to the workforce. Individual results
are held strictly confidential by KDP and its associates.

Skill gap analysis
Once skill surveys are complete, this data is
weighed against the job task analysis and skill
gaps are quickly identified and shared with the labor/management committee in an aggregate
form. This data may be used to accurately define training priorities, validate existing training and develop new training programs.

Self-administrated, non-threatening and highly detailed, the above work skills analysis allows for the accurate measurement of each employee’s present skill level. The 0 thru 4 grading extends from one being completely unaware of a particular job task on up to having the ability to teach that same skill set to another employee.
This same proven assessment tool has been successfully utilized by KDP workforce specialists with many thousands of employees in both the public and private sectors.