KDP…Building a World-Class Pennsylvania Workforce

Statewide Programs
Electric Utilities

Challenge: Employee Attrition
Core skills are at risk in both power generation and distribution networks with the potential to seriously diminish this vital energy industry’s knowledge base.
Mission: Secure and enhance the skills of the incumbent workforce while broadening access to capable entry level applicants.

Water Utilities
Essential to health of the all Pennsylvanians.
Challenges: Attrition and Certifications
    Attrition in both service and infrastructure.
    DEP environmental certifications.
Mission: Mentoring for knowledge transfer. Design training specific to DEP requirements.

Natural Gas Utilities
Challenge: Statewide gas supply network
Expansion of customer service system and ARRA stimulus funded road construction triggers critical need for training in line location, leak detection and skilled operation of excavation equipment.
Mission: Design and implement fast track training programs to meet or exceed all required skill sets within a sharply curtailed timeline.

Public Transportation
Bus, Light Rail, Underground Challenges: Challenges: Technology and Attrition
    New and emerging technologies / bus, rail.
    Growing employee attrition levels.
Mission: Structure and coordinate training to achieve the lowest possible cost per employee. Provide training from entry level foundation skills up to the highest disciplines in mechanics, electronics and diagnostics.