Apprenticeship is an employer-driven program that combines on-the-job learning with job related instruction to build worker skills and establish pathways to higher levels of employment and wages. Apprenticeship meets business needs for qualified workers in more than 1,000 occupations, including careers in health care, information technology, transportation, and energy.  As an “earn and learn” model, apprentices are employed and earn wages from the first day on the job.  As a workforce strategy, apprenticeship contributes to higher performance outcomes in employment, retention, earnings, and credential attainment.

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​•   $1.47 return increased productivity for every $1.00 spent on apprenticeship
•   Increased productivity and Reduced turnoverncreased productivity and Reduced turnover
•   Highly skilled employees trained to the specifications of the business or industry
•   Machine reliability
•   Labor and parts savings
•   Quality improvement and reduction in defects

•   Supervisor and worker job satisfaction
•   Labor and parts savings
•   Industry recognized credentials​


Created and sustained through strong partnerships - a proven strategy for a pipeline of qualified workers for employers and industries

What Our Team Can Do For You



Registered  Apprenticeship

Investment in Apprenticeship Makes Sense

97% of employer sponsors recommend apprenticeship programs.  
Registered Apprenticeships provide a wide range of benefits:

Registered Apprenticeship

Invest in the Future of “Made in the USA”

We can
​•   Provide technical assistance to improve efficiency, safety and overall productivity within your workplace by building workers’ skills.

•   Develop Registered Apprenticeship training that is customized to the precise requirements of your company, addressing the needs of your current workforce and those of new hires.
•   Linking programs to the community college system to provide college credit, prior learning assessment and the award of industry-recognized credentials.
•   Continuously improve program content to ensure that workers’ skills remain up to date.

Apprenticeship Provides Business-Responsive Training 

Develop and maintain a workforce with world class skills - a critical element in the revitalization of U.S. manufacturing and global competitiveness.
Registered Apprenticeship - a tried-and-true approach to prepare workers for jobs and to meet the business needs for a highly-skilled workforce 

Apprenticeship Increases Workforce Skills and Productivity

Apprenticeship programs reduce worker turnover by fostering greater employee loyalty, increasing productivity, and improving the bottom line.
Apprenticeships offer workers a way to start new careers with good wages.
Apprenticeship is a job-driven training model that is directly responsive to local and regional labor market conditions experienced by businesses. 
Apprenticeship is part of a national system of industry-driven on-the-job training.

The Initiative will harness the experience and resources of industry, labor and our training partners to increase the skills of your workforce and enhance productivity at your company.
Our team of industry and workforce professionals is ready to assist your business.