“In cooperation with KDP and the WIB we at PPL we were able to offer quality hands on training to employees that would have not otherwise have learned new skills.”
John Wirth, Instructor PPL

"Through the Keystone Utility Industry Partnership, Pennsylvania American Water has enhanced its approach to identifying needs and developing effective training programs. We have seen real improvement in how our union, nonunion and management employees are collaborating , so that we continue to work toward a common purpose that benefits both our company and our customers and better prepare our company and our employees to meet future challenges." 
William C. Kelvington, Vice-President Operations Pennsylvania American Water

“There is a significant level of discussion about training, improving job skills and an increasingly aging workforce.  Yet it is the Keystone Utilities Industry Partnership that is about results not words. While we can hope for a fountain of youth or knowledge, we can rely on the Keystone Utilities Industry Partnership to address and positively improve the way we work in the Pennsylvania Utility industry.”
Michael Love, Former President and CEO of the Energy Association of Pennsylvania.

What They Say About

Keystone Utilities Partnership

Strategies to Address Challenges

Industry Partnership Formation: KDP assists in identifying stakeholders (employers, unions, and industry associations) to participate in Industry Partnerships and to form an Industry Partnership Steering Committee.  

Labor Management Training Committees:    At the core of this structure are the Labor Management Training Committees (LMTCs) and a proven data-driven processes to identify skill and training needs and determine solutions.
Employer Outreach:  KDP identifies and contacts employers as well as other industry stakeholders such as Labor Unions to align with Local Workforce Investment Boards, CareerLink® offices, and community based organizations.

Union Engagement: Affiliated with the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, KDP engages unions to participate in subsidized training programs. KDP staff provides support for Union leaders and training coordinators to prepare, plan, and implement programs. 

Industry Associations: The Partnership collaborates with the PA Public Utilities Commission, the Energy Association of Pennsylvania, and the PA AFL-CIO to meet the needs of the utilities industry and its workforce.

Program Management: KDP manages data-driven training programs and provides programmatic and fiscal oversight on federal, state, and local projects.  In all KDP programs, the Local Workforce Investment Boards, employers, and unions cooperate to document participant data respecting confidentiality.  KDP uses the Performance Management System that the PA Department of Labor & Industry uses for evaluating workforce programs and for measuring program results.

For more information contact Stuart Bass - sbass@kdpworks.org

KDP helped form the Keystone Utilities Partnership in 2006 with three employers represented by IBEW Local 29 in the Pittsburgh region. Within two years, the Partnership expanded to eighteen employers 
in the electric, gas and water sectors, supply-chain, construction trades and twenty-three labor organizations statewide.  Nearly 4,000 workers in the utility industry attended Partnership subsidized training since its inception. The Luzerne-Schuylkill Workforce Investment Board is the fiscal agent for the program funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry. The PA Department of Labor & Industry awarded KDP a grant to continue the Keystone Utilities Partnership through June 30, 2015.

The Partnership provides services to address emerging technology, the aging workforce, and the lack of skilled applicants.  Utility industry employers have projected retirements due to the aging Pennsylvania utility workforce.  Additionally, technology changes such as the development of Smart Grid will require new training integrated into apprenticeships, pre-employment and career ladder programs.

In 2009, the Partnership conducted a survey of its stakeholders that acknowledged the benefits of the Partnership.  Respondents noted that the Partnership provides an important service to align organizations to create an economy of scale to meet the needs of the employer, the career goals of their employees, and to address utility industry challenges.  A highly trained utility workforce lowers production and material costs while ensuring more effective and safer service.

Partnership members participating in training activities are required to complete the KDP Training Report Form.  KDP captures quantitative data and as well as a qualitative narrative. 

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