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KDP…Building a World-Class Pennsylvania Workforce

Who we are...
The Keystone Development Partnership (KDP) is
a 501(C) 3, non-profit corporation with a mission
to develop and sustain joint labor/management
training programs focused on high performance.

KDP activities are underwritten by the
Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.
This gives us the means to provide both funding
resources and professional technical assistance
to industry partners in both the private and public
sector…management and workers who are
serious about building a superior work

What we do...
KDP works directly with joint labor/management
training committees in the development of skill-
building and training programs designed to
enhance and broaden the knowledge level of
incumbent employees, as well as providing
foundation skills for new hires. Customized
curriculum based on actual on-site findings
allows for the precise targeting of specific
employee skill needs.

Experienced with the many challenges confronting management in today’s business environment, KDP is prepared to assist companies in dealing with increased employee attrition among incumbent workers and diminished access to capable entry level employees.

To preserve that critical knowledge pool so essential to every work organization, KDP outreach services bring into line government, education and community organizations, which can serve as a dependable pipeline for future sustainability and growth.